Environmental impact assessment in a production of oils and lubricating fats


  • Rita María Vale-Capdevila Empresa Cubana de Lubricantes CUBALUB, Santiago de Cuba
  • Rosa María Pérez-Silva Universidad de Oriente
  • Margarita Ramírez-Gotario Unión Cuba Petróleo Cupet, Ministerio de Energía y Minas, La Habana


The producer of oils and greases can cause negative impact to the territory of Santiago de Cuba. Therefore, this study had aimed to assess the impact that causes the company to the territory, for which the environmental assessment based on the description of the organization, supported scheme of entries and exits the process was conducted, which allowed the identification and evaluation environmental aspects, which served as the basis for establishing monitoring stations. Wastewater, air emissions and soil were characterized. Subsequently impact assessment was determined by environmental matrices, which indicate pollution sensitive points. The results show the need for measures to reduce or eliminate the identified environmental impacts.

Keywords: environmental assessment, impact assessment, producer of oils and lubricating fats.



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Vale-Capdevila, R. M., Pérez-Silva, R. M., & Ramírez-Gotario, M. (2016). Environmental impact assessment in a production of oils and lubricating fats. Revista Cubana De Química, 28(2), 736–750. Retrieved from https://cubanaquimica.uo.edu.cu/index.php/cq/article/view/1154