Evaluation of the contamination for hydrocarbons in Santiago de Cuba´s Bay


  • María de los Ángeles Santana-Gómez Universidad de Oriente
  • Dunia Rodríguez-Heredia Universidad de Oriente
  • Manuel Díaz-Velázquez Universidad de Oriente
  • Placida Miriam-Salazar Universidad de Oriente


The bay of Santiago from Cuba has been object of numerous investigations, where the contamination is approached by hydrocarbons, but it is not reported the level of contamination of the same one quantitatively. For what the objective of this research is to evaluate the concentration of hydrocarbons in samples of water of the bay of Santiago de Cuba starting from its chemical determination for the method of Partition Gravimeter. Several samplings were made, in two stages, the first one in the months of April and May of 2013. The second stage in March and April of 2014. The seawater was studied in nine stations of the bay and two effluents of identified sources as pollutants. Being that, the level of contamination is high for all the stations and the values of concentration of total hydrocarbons, fats and oils don't fulfill that settled down in the Cuban Norms.

Keywords: contamination, hydrocarbons, bay of Santiago from Cuba.  



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Santana-Gómez, M. de los Ángeles, Rodríguez-Heredia, D., Díaz-Velázquez, M., & Miriam-Salazar, P. (2016). Evaluation of the contamination for hydrocarbons in Santiago de Cuba´s Bay. Revista Cubana De Química, 28(2), 554–560. Retrieved from https://cubanaquimica.uo.edu.cu/index.php/cq/article/view/1142




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